Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information:

We want to give our customers the lowest price possible on shipping. Our shipping module is set to "Flat Rate $0" to allow us to find you the lowest price. When we charge your card, you will be charged for the entire order plus shipping costs.

Weight Calculation:

How we calculate the weight of the stone:
L * W * D= Cubic Inches (CU.IN)
CU.IN / 1728= Cubic Feet (CU.FT)

CU.FT * 145 (Alabaster or Soapstone)= Stone weight
CU.FT * 150 (Limestone)= Stone weight
CU.FT * 172 (Marble)= Stone weight
CU.FT * 200 (Granite)= Stone weight

Stone weight * price per pound = price of stone

We offer our “Rock-in-a-Box” promotion in all stones except for Alabaster, Soapstone and Granite. "Rock-in-a-Box" allows customers to buy stone up to 65lbs and be sent via the USPS's Priority Mail Flat Rate. Stone that weighs more than 65 lbs and up to 145 lbs can shipped via UPS. If you should require stone that is over 145 lbs we will ship it via truck lines.

Please note in the “Rock-in-a-Box” category that the Flat Rate price is included in the pricing.

Rock in a Box: Indiana Buff Limestone
50lb piece of Indiana Buff Limestone: $25.00  
Medium USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box: $18.40
total cost $43.40

Please call us at 517-486-4591 with any questions!

Returns Information:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase please call us at 517-486-4591. 


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